Lok Sabha elections are to be held in 2024 but it seems that even before that, chirag paswan has given a big blow

to Pashupati Paras faction. On tuesday (28 November), on the foundation day of Lok Janshakti party founded by

Ram Vilas Paswan, mp Veena Devi reached bapu Auditorium in Patna. With the arrival of mp Veena Devi in

Chirag's program, the market of speculations became heated whether she has married Chirag?

Veena Devi told Chirag to be the next CM

MP Veena Devi, who reached the program, said in response to media questions that it is the 24th foundation day

of the party. It was founded by ram Vilas. Regarding Chirag's coming to the program, he said that if something

has happened in the house then the fight in the house should not go outside. If we had gone to another party, it

would have happened that I had gone to another party. I am in LJP only. I have faith in Chirag Paswan. Chirag

Paswan is running with the vision of 'Bihar First, Bihari First'. He will also become the chief minister in the

coming days. Pashupati Paras is also respected. He is our leader.

What did Chirag say when Veena Devi arrived?

On the question raised about mp Veena Devi who had reached the programme, chirag paswan said that we

welcome whoever wants to come back with faith in the principles and ideas of our leader (Ram Vilas Paswan). In

such a situation, the question arises from those who have put up hoardings and are making claims.

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