NEET can be exempted in tamil Nadu, according to Karur MP, if President and prime minister Modi believe so. "It is terribly painful and terrible that tamil Nadu kids continue to commit suicide in connection with the NEET exam," she remarked in a press conference. Suicide attempts should not be attempted by any of the students. Life is not determined by a single decision. Life offers a plethora of possibilities. 

There is a promising future ahead of us. It is the government's and the people's representatives' responsibility to set it up. Political parties have a responsibility to give medical education to individuals who are qualified and talented to pursue a career in medicine. That is the cause for which we are fighting. A motion against the NEET examination was voted by the tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly. There is a distinction between the previous regime's resolution and the current regime's resolution. 

The current DMK government's resolution has been officially passed. The President was also notified. NEET may be exempted in tamil Nadu if the President and prime minister Modi believe so. It is necessary to engage in large politics in the NEET test in order to cease causing student deaths and to remedy the error by exempting the NEET exam in tamil Nadu. Only a war cry against NEET selection can save the situation. You will not be saved by death. We will back the kids in their fight."

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