Ruchira Kamboj, India's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, emphasized her country's longtime bond with the Palestinian people on Tuesday, saying the large-scale loss of civilian life in the ongoing Israel-Hamas war was unacceptable. On the international Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people, november 29, Kamboj emphasized india and Palestine's long historical links, as well as "our consistent support to the people of palestine in the endeavor for statehood, peace, and prosperity."

"We are gathered today, at a time when the security situation in the Middle east is deteriorating due to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, with a large-scale loss of civilian lives, especially women and children, and an alarming humanitarian crisis, this is clearly unacceptable, and we have indeed strongly condemned the death of civilians," she went on to say.

The indian delegation praised international efforts to de-escalate the situation and provide humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people. The humanitarian pauses, according to Kamboj, are a great step towards assuring the prompt and ongoing delivery of relief. "We on our part have sent 70 tonnes of humanitarian goods, including 16.5 tonnes of medicines and medical supplies," the indian ambassador went on to say.

Concerned about terrorism and hostage-taking, Kamboj stated that such activities could not be justified. She expressed India's support for hostage release and demanded the swift and unconditional release of those remaining detained. She emphasized India's zero-tolerance policy towards terrorism and the worldwide duty to follow international humanitarian law.

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