On friday, US senator John Fetterman, D-Penn., appeared on ABC's 'The View' and asked for senator Bob Menendez, D-N.J., to be expelled from the united states Senate. Menendez, he said, was a "Senator from Egypt, not New Jersey," due to his involvement in a bribery scam. Fetterman, a rookie senator from pennsylvania, made the following comment in response to Rep. George Santos, D-NY, being removed from the house of Representatives.

Santos was expelled from the house by a vote of 311 to 114 on friday morning owing to his indictment on 23 counts of wire fraud, identity theft, document falsification, and credit card fraud. He allegedly spent campaign cash on fancy things and treatments like botox. He has disputed the allegations. Joy Behar, one of 'The View' co-hosts, questioned Fetterman about Santos' ejection. "Well, I'm not surprised," Fetterman responded before shifting his attention to Menendez.

"But, to me, the more important picture is that we have a colleague in the Senate who has actually done more sinister and serious kinds of things," he continued. Menendez, Senator. He has to leave!"

Fetterman contrasted the two instances, claiming that Menendez's crimes were more heinous than Santos'. He went on to say, "And if you are going to expel Santos, how can you allow somebody like Menendez to remain in the Senate?"

"And you know, Santos' lies were almost funny, and like he, you know, landed on the moon," the pennsylvania senator said. That sort of thing. Menendez, on the other hand, I believe is a senator from Egypt, not New Jersey."

Fetterman was alluding to Menendez's criminal allegations for taking bribes from three businessmen since 2018. Cash, jewellery, a Mercedes-Benz, and other luxury goods were among the bribes. Menendez pledged to use his authority and influence to assist the businesspeople and the Egyptian government in exchange.

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