In a surprise change of events, the congress party is poised to win a landslide victory in telangana, marking a substantial turnaround since its creation in 2014. The path to this victory was far from guaranteed, with the party confronting internal disputes and uncertainty at the start of the year. With rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Yatra, which received unexpected support in telangana, the tide began to change, igniting newfound optimism inside the party. Manickam Tagore and the elusive strategist sunil Kanugolu emerged as unsung heroes in the congress win.

Manickam Tagore, who supported A revanth Reddy's leadership, was instrumental in uniting the split parliament. The Congress's high command's support for revanth, along with Tagore's involvement, signaled a united front, putting a stop to internal dissension. revanth Reddy's powerful oratory talents, coupled with a relevant telangana accent that resonated with the public, made him a sought-after campaigner with a pan-Telangana appeal.

Sunil Kanugolu, noted for his low-key demeanor, emerged as a strategic thinker behind the scenes. His win in Karnataka's elections demonstrated his ability, and in telangana, he expertly oversaw the party's resurgence. Kanugolu's strategic genius included minimizing the BJP's influence, convincing important individuals to quit the race, and engineering a frontal confrontation with KCR.

Despite personal insults and police inspection, Kanugolu's fortitude and determination to change the narrative against kcr proved crucial. Kanugolu's success in Karnataka, and now telangana, demonstrates the necessity of state leadership aligned with strategic genius. As congress celebrates this victory, Kanugolu's influence within the party becomes vital, emphasising the importance of adjusting to new-age voter dynamics for long-term success.

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