Things are not going well for kcr right now. After the election results were announced, the former chief minister was restricted to his Farmhouse in Erravelli. He has met with individuals from adjacent communities as well as the leaders. He is presently being treated at Yashoda Hospital in Somajiguda. He fell and shattered his leg. He was sent to the hospital at 2 a.m. and is now being treated.

KCR degraded revanth reddy to the greatest extent possible. He was detained in his bedroom after breaching the doors and had to ask for a 12-hour bail to attend his daughter's wedding. BRS officials, led by KTR, degraded revanth reddy by using derogatory language. Now is the moment for vengeance. The congress High Command is also angry at kcr for breaking its pledge to merge trs into congress if telangana is given.

KCR's biggest blunder was to populate the party with tdp and congress politicians while leaving essential telangana leaders like Kodandaram out. These leaders do not share the BRS's ideology. They came seeking power and may depart if they discover that power can be found elsewhere. As a result, poaching MLAs becomes simple. However, it is not as simple as many believe to eliminate BRS. BRS is a party with a strong ideological foundation and a strong leadership. Following kcr, KTR, Kavitha, and harish rao are all powerful leaders with public appeal and oratory talents. During the telangana Agitation, BRS encountered even greater difficulties.

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