YS Vijayamma's support to jagan or Sharmila..!?

YS vijayalakshmi is under pressure due to YS family split. Two children are fighting each other politically. No one can give up and follow the two-eyes theory. YS Jaganmohan reddy offered special prayers at the Idupula Paya before starting the next election campaign. Jagan's mother vijayalakshmi came to the program. She blessed the son. This development surprised many people. They discussed whether Mother Vijayalakshmi's support is the same as that of Jagan. But after a few days, YS sharmila came to the knees of the announcement of congress party candidates. Special prayers were offered. vijayalakshmi came with her on a special flight. Daughter sharmila was also blessed. That is.. she is supporting her son and daughter. But now they are doing politics against each other. jagan is criticizing. sharmila is seriously attacking Jagan. It is not possible to be on both sides at a time like this. And who will vijayalakshmi support?

Earlier it was spread that sharmila did not want to directly clash with her elder brother and threw a party in Telangana. When sharmila launched a party in telangana, Vijayamma stood in full support. She resigned from the post of Honorary President of the congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress party and said that she is going because she had to support her daughter. Both the children claimed that god had written them to do politics in Chero state. Since YSRCP is not contesting in telangana, there is no possibility of a challenge between them. Therefore, Vijayamma also did not have to decide between the two. But now the scene has changed. sharmila is working to defeat Jagan. Taking the responsibility of the congress chief, they are cornering jagan by taking the avinash Reddy murder case as the main lead. This family was united when Viveka was murdered less than five years ago. Everyone cornered the then cm Chandrababu in the case of Vivekananda Reddy's murder. But after five years, the scene was forgotten. They are accusing each other in that family.
Now politics is completely forgotten in AP. sharmila is working with the aim of merging the party she founded with congress and taking power in AP. When you come into politics, you should look for strength. Otherwise, it is difficult. They want to make it clear that her influence in telangana is almost non-existent, so they want to leave the pretense. At a time like this, it became interesting to know who Vijayamma's support is among the children. Till now Vijayamma's daughter was favored. Standing by her daughter was taken as a priority. She said the same thing when she resigned as honorary president of YCP. It is said that the two children will do politics in two states. But now there are situations where they are playing politics against each other. After sharmila decided to come to AP, there was a campaign that jagan pressured Vijayamma to tie up Sharmila. But nothing worked out. When Vijayamma stands up to sharmila, it feels like a huge moral blow to Jaganu. That is why Jaganmohan Reddy's mother tried to support him. Vijayamma is also not against Jagan. Vijayamma does not want his power to go. Also.. the condition of not being able to support him without his daughter. However, because jagan Mohan reddy asked.. he attended Idupula Paya prayers before starting the campaign. But not a single word was spoken in support of Jagan. sharmila also participated in the announcement of candidates in the political program. But except for coming in support of the daughter.. her political statement.. did not comment. ycp sources believe that Vijayamma will remain neutral without supporting anyone.

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