The list of applicants for this year's coveted padma shri award was made public by the indian government. One quite unexpected inclusion was made in the same. The aforementioned inclusion is Raveena Tandon's. netizens are having a hard time accepting Raveena's winning the Padma Shri. After receiving the award, Raveena claimed she had never worked for recognition. Well, she was entirely correct. Her efforts were never deserving of a Padma Shri. How in the world did she manage to win one?

Another internet user wrote, "Raveena Tandon earns a padma shri - for being the hottest figure in bollywood for a period of around 6 months in the 1990s." Many trolls and memes have been created in response to Raven receiving the padma shri award. Now, this is the subject that receives the greatest attention on social media.

She then becomes depressed. "The previous 12 months have flown by for me. On a professional level, nothing could be better. I was one of the characters in the Netflix online series Aranyak, which was followed by the box office smash kgf 2. Sadly, it was also the year my father passed away (well-known producer-director ravi Tandon). The impact was the worst of my life. I'm still figuring out the loss. My father would have been extremely pleased with the Padma Shri.

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