Never seen a worst man like ilayaraja ..!?

James Vasanthan, who is a multi-talented composer, producer, and director, has criticized ilayaraja as a low-level person and has created a stir. He made his debut as a music composer with the film Subramaniapuram directed by sasikumar and composed music for hits like Pasanga, and Eesan. He is also working as an anchor. In particular, the program 'Oru Vaartha Oru Latcham' hosted by him received a different level of reception. In recent times, he has been involved in controversy for his frank comments on social media. In that way, in an interview given to a private YouTube channel, he criticized ilayaraja as a low-level human being. In that interview, he said that music composer ilayaraja is his guru. He learned music by listening to his songs. The identity, recognition, and success he has today are all because of the music he learned from him.
He has strong criticism of ilayaraja as an individual. You will never see a person as low as Ilayaraja. He is a great composer and has been given the title of Musician. He fully deserves it. He can talk about ilayaraja and his songs for hours. But as a man, he is very low. Even if he was an ordinary person, there was no need to criticize him so much. Rajini sir will call him Swami. Because he is the one who enters into spirituality to such an extent and talks about many things. If spirituality comes with generosity, maturity, tolerance, and understanding, then it is spirituality. He said that he was going for spirituality and started talking rudely.For example, while attending a program in America recently, ilayaraja said that he does not know whether Jesus Christ lived, came, or was resurrected. Does he need it? ramana Maharishi himself has been saying that he is a resurrected person. If he had a little spiritual understanding, he would have spoken like this. Millions of people believe in Jesus Christ. So can we talk like this to hurt so many people? He is not a history teacher. The one who comes to make a statement should just say it and leave. james vasanthan has spoken wildly saying that there is no such thing as a wretched intellect who makes fun of so many people, that's why he calls him a low-level human being.

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