The landmark film Adipurush will be released in theatres by the end of next week, and many moviegoers are already quite eager to see it. The question then becomes whether there is enough buzz for the movie to have a successful opening day and weekend. Here is a story from the USA that is both astonishing and unexpected.

According to reports from the USA box office, Adipurush's hindi adaptation has not received a warm reception thus far. Many people are questioning why the hindi version's ticket sales are not increasing as they had anticipated. prabhas may have travelled all the way to the US to heavily promote the movie for this reason. The telugu version of Adipurush, however, is doing quite well in the USA thanks to strong bookings.

Some claim that the film's creators really placed a lot of emphasis on the storyline and assumed that word-of-mouth on opening day would be enough to generate the film's enormous box office receipts. After the premiere, perhaps the hindi version will also gain momentum; if not, the film's creators will need to start doing something out of the ordinary to advertise the movie.

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