The participants on "Bigg Boss 7" have experienced a range of emotions and disputes throughout the third week. The house is currently filled with seven participants who are competing to stay in the game after two eliminations in the previous weeks. However, Rathika, who is always grabbing attention, keeps up her "TRP" game to get the most television time.

connection drama: prashant and Rathika had a close connection in the first week, but things got tense in the second. By the third week, though, they appeared to be rekindling their relationship. Rathika was sobbing until prashant tried to comfort her with some humour, which led to her regaining her grin.

But soon after, they made the decision to once more draw attention to themselves by arguing over the theft of Power Asthra from the residence. As a result, prashant and Rathika had a quarrel that turned into a passionate altercation. However, the majority of the competitors thought they were acting for the cameras. As the week goes on, disagreements and tensions in the "Bigg Boss 7" mansion are becoming worse. Rathika, though, keeps drawing attention by 'producing' material with both Prashanth and Prince.

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