Neena Gupta refused to give relationship advice on dating a married man, saying- 'Don't ask me'

In an interview, actress neena gupta opened up about dating the wrong people in her life and refused to give relationship advice to her fans.

Neena Gupta is one of the most versatile actresses of Bollywood. She faced a lot of struggles in her personal life, but she managed it with great confidence. Neena is a strong and independent woman, who often makes headlines for her controversial life choices and also gives a lesson to people. However, in her recent conversation, Neena refused to give any dating advice and revealed the reason behind it.

When neena gupta went for couple therapy with her husband Vivek Mehra

In an interview with Ranveer Allahbadia, neena gupta talked about once going to couples therapy and revealed that she and her husband Vivek Mehra had a lot of problems in their marriage in the beginning. Talking about the importance of healthy communication, she said, “I went to therapy once. When I met my husband, he was already married and had kids, so there were a lot of problems, once we went to couple therapy. It's healthy to talk, even if it's just to yourself. I can even talk to the wall.”

Neena Gupta said that she always dated the wrong people 

When the host asked neena gupta to give her fans advice on relationships, the actress immediately refused. Taking a dig at her love life, she said that she has always dated the wrong people, so she would not be the right person for advice. "I'm the wrong person to give relationship advice," Nina said. I have always dated the wrong people. Please don't ask me because I will give a very stupid and wrong answer.

Neena Gupta talks about her daughter mastaba's divorce

Neena Gupta's daughter Masaba Gupta married madhu mantena in 2015, but their marriage ended in 2019. Masaba later married actor Satyadeep Mishra on 27 january 2023. Talking about Masaba's love life, neena gupta shared that she got her daughter married to madhu mantena and revealed that when Masaba got separated from her first husband, she was shocked for a month. 

He said, “Masaba initially did not want to get married. She wanted to be in a live-in relationship with her future husband, but I said, 'No, you will not shift with him. You get married.' It was a mistake, they separated. I was devastated, more than I had ever imagined because both my husband and I loved our ex and still do. He is a very nice person, but if it didn't work out then it didn't work out. When they told me I was shocked for a month. It was a very difficult time. It's not in your hands, it's someone else's life.

Neena Gupta's personal life

Neena Gupta is an inspiration for many people because her life was not a bed of roses. He has faced a lot of criticism for his decisions. The actress fell in love with west indies cricketer Vivian Richards and became pregnant with his daughter Masaba Gupta out of wedlock.

She broke the stereotype by raising her daughter alone at a time when single mothers were looked down upon. neena gupta has always been vocal about her personal life and is proud of raising her daughter Masaba as a single mother.

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