Ilaiyaraaja who composed without listening to the story..!?

Musician ilayaraja is regarded as the god of the music world. During the eighties and nineties, the situation was that if ilayaraja composed for a film, it would definitely be a hit. Crowds gathered in theaters for the songs composed by Ilayaraja. There has also been an incident where such a musician has composed without hearing the story. Generally, if a film has to be graded, they will not only look at the story of the film but also look at who the hero and heroine are. For each song, for each background music, what is the scene, why is that song coming, why should there be that background music, then the appropriate music will come. But the film, which was staged only by the title without asking what the story of ilayaraja was, has been successful in theaters for a year only because of the songs. It was his own younger brother gangai amaran who got such a wonderful fortune. There were even rumors that ilayaraja had done many things for his younger brother. The actual story is different.
At that time, ilayaraja was an ordinary musician who did not make that much of a name. gangai amaran goes to his brother and says that he is going to direct a film and the name of the film is Karakatakkaran. ilayaraja, what is the name of Karakatakkaran, is not good, the film will not run. To which gangai amaran says, he will take care of all that, he should just compose a song. Immediately ilayaraja composed nine songs suitable for the title of Karakatakkaran and given them for his younger brother. The lyrics of the song have become a great asset to the music.At the beginning of the film, many fans rushed to the theater not to miss the song Paataale Puthi Sonnan sung by Ilayaraja. Followed by songs like Manguile Poonguile, Inda Maan Undan Thanda Maan, and Kudaku Malai Aindhu are the top hits of ilayaraja till date.

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