There was a deep friendship between Munawar Faruqui and abhishek Sharma in the bigg boss house

from the very beginning. The friendship between the two was strong for a long time, but now in the latest

promo of bigg boss 17, both can be seen arguing loudly as abhishek complains to Munnawar about

mannara chopra as he used bad language of Mannara. Had defended.

mannara chopra called abhishek Sharma a donkey.

When abhishek is standing in the living area, mannara chopra once again starts teasing him. She starts

calling abhishek a donkey again and again. Anurag Doval calls Mannara, but she does not answer him

and leaves with Munavvar. Surprised by this, abhishek says to Anurag, Brother, I found it very strange,

did you think so? Anurag avoids the conversation and says, Leave it. After this, bigg boss says,

whatever abhishek has to say, tell it loudly and clearly. After this, abhishek raises his voice and says, I

said that he called Mannara and when Munavvar went away with Mannara, he called me. It felt very

strange that why didn't Mannara stay with Anurag? To which Anurag says, I didn't call her, I asked is

everything okay?

abhishek Sharma clashed with Munawar Farooqui

When Munavvar is leaving with Mannara, abhishek holds his hand, the comedian does not like this and

immediately replies, Don't hold my hand like this, after which Abhishek, Munavvar, Mannara and

Anurag A heated argument ensues. In this debate, Mannara also abuses Abhishek, after which Abhishek

gets very angry.

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