In the latest episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 15, contestant pratishta Shetty from Vapi, gujarat started her journey on the hot seat. Before kickstarting the game, host amitabh bachchan had an enjoyable chat with the young contestant, during which he picked up two Tulu language words from her.

Pratishta received words of good luck from her father as she embarked on her journey on Kaun Banega Crorepati 15. He conveyed, “All the best, Kudre.” This puzzled host amitabh bachchan, leading him to ask about the meaning of the word Kudre. The contestant explained that in Tulu (Kannada), Kudre translates to horse. She also mentioned other nicknames like Katte, which means donkey in their mother tongue.

This surprised Big B, but he expressed gratitude to pratishta and her parents for introducing him to two Tulu words, as his daughter-in-law, aishwarya Rai Bachchan, is also Tulu. He said, “Bohot dhanyawad aapka. Aaj ghar par jake hum do shabd toh bol sakenge. Kyuki bahurani jo hain woh Tulu hain. Unko toh yeh bol nahi sakte par kahenge hum yeh do words seekh kar aaye hain (Thank you very much. Today, when I go home, I will be able to say two words. Because my daughter-in-law is Tulu. I cannot say this to her, but I will tell her that I have learned these two words).”

Coming to pratishta Shetty’s game, she navigated through the questions smoothly until reaching one worth Rs 1,60,000. Opting for the audience Poll helpline on the query, A day on which planet is longer than its years?” the young contestant selected option B) Venus based on the audience’s choice, and it turned out to be correct.

Pratishta utilized the Ask The Expert and Gyanastra lifelines for questions worth Rs 3,20,000 and Rs 6,40,000, respectively. During the Super Sandook Round, she managed to answer only three questions correctly. Faced with uncertainty on the Rs 12,50,000 question and without any remaining lifelines, pratishta Shetty decided to quit the game.

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