Trisha was slammed by social media users after she gave Animal a glorious review. The ponniyin selvan actress, who was recently in the news for calling out Mansoor ali Khan on his rape comment, took to her instagram Stories on sunday night and praised Animal. Sharing a poster of ranbir kapoor from the film, the Leo actress called the film ‘cult.’ “One word-cult! face with peeking eye, face exhaling and clapping hands emojis,” she wrote. The post did not go down well with many on social media and soon, trisha faced flak.

Although she deleted the post soon after, screenshots of the post were shared on X (previously known as Twitter) and Reddit. Soon, many began criticising her for supporting the film that ‘glorifies toxic men’. “Is not trisha took a stand against her Leo co-actor when talking sh*t about her and even talking about having rape scene with her but this film is misogyny and treating women like a shit. How can she support this movie?” a social media user said, referring to her recent controversy.

Even men are calling out but actresses are hyping this?! I can’t with this herd mentality. women, just stop. Stop glorifying, hyping Animal movie,” another user wrote. “Movies like Animal is what gives rise to people like Mansoor ali Khan. The fact that trisha of all people goes and wax lyrical about that movie is just all kinds of wrong,” a comment read.

Animal has received polarizing reviews. While many have called the film out for ‘glorifying toxic masculinity’ yet again after Kabir Singh, a huge section of the audience has also praised ranbir kapoor for his performance. The film is doing well at the box office. As per reports, Animal has collected Rs 201.53 crores in the first weekend in india alone.

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