Boyapati dusted the box office with hat-trick hits like Simha, legend and akhanda, providing stories suitable for Balayya's mass image. It can be said that akhanda movie is something special. The sensations created by that movie are not all. Every craft is well worked out in the movie. Thaman's music blasted the speakers to suit Boyapati's story and screenplay. 

Akhanda is a super hit and soon there will be akhanda 2. But in the meantime, balakrishna got busy with other films. Recently, boyapati srinu got a hit with balakrishna Bhagwant kesari and made a disaster face with Skanda. Now it seems that the stage is being prepared for akhanda 2. Before akhanda 2, boyapati knew that a film with kollywood hero Suriya was in the planning stage, but it is not likely to work out yet, but boyapati focused on Balakrishna's film. 

It is known that akhanda 2 will go on sets in six months. In the meantime, NBK has to complete the 109th movie. Balakrishna's movie is coming under the direction of KS Bobby. It is said that this movie will also provide full meals to balayya fans. After that, akhanda 2 is planning to give the socio fantasy touch to the next level of the film. boyapati is looking to show his directorial stamina once again with skanda Target Missina akhanda 2. 

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