The trailer for the much-anticipated "Salaar" was released recently, and it has approximately 75 million views on YouTube. During this time, there is speculation about what Superstar prabhas is doing in hyderabad after returning to india a few weeks earlier. Here's an exclusive preview.

Prabhas reportedly joined the set of his long-awaited film "Kalki 3898AD," formerly known as Project-K. We do know that Ulaganayagan kamal haasan has joined this film as the adversary, and sequences are now being shot with both celebrities. We hear that director Nag Ashwin is nailing the shot with his meticulous attention to detail, and prabhas is ecstatic with it.

Prabhas will likely begin advertising Salaar next week, conducting a pair of press conferences in mumbai and Hyderabad. On the other side, after finishing the present session of Project K in hyderabad, the actor will begin filming Maruthi's film.  Sandeep reddy Vanga's trilogy of telugu films has left an indelible mark, with his most recent movie, Animal, garnering significant recognition. His works have elicited a wide range of reactions, eliciting both acclaim and criticism. Vanga has revealed intentions to begin production on Spirit, a global picture starring tollywood phenomenon prabhas, in september 2024, with a 2025 release date.

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