Shalini Pandey, who won many over with her breakthrough performance in "Arjun Reddy," has had her fair share of difficulties lately. She hasn't gotten the break she so desperately wants despite a run of bad tollywood projects and her bollywood debut in the critically panned "Jayeshbhai Jordaar." But there is hope for her career comeback because of her next movie "Maharaja," which co-stars Junaid Khan, Aamir Khan's son.

Shalini keeps her followers engaged on instagram as she waits for "Maharaja" to be released. She just shared an amazing photo of herself showing off her toned legs while wearing a white shirt. She gives out an irresistible sexiness as she playsfully poses with her shirt buttons and hair. Despite the present slump in her career, she is clearly determined to keep in touch with her fan base, as seen by her interaction with them.

Following his publication, arjun reddy came under fire for encouraging sexism and toxic masculinity in the name of love. Many people took issue with a certain scene in which Vijay Deverakonda's character, the title character, slaps his lover Preethi (Shalini Pandey). In an interview with news 18, shalini discussed the situation after six years had passed. According to a comment from the actor, "I signed the film at the age of 21." It was more significant to me than anything else. It seemed unreal. I didn't care about anything else at that time.


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