In the run-up to the telangana assembly elections, political leaders are employing various tactics to sway voters in their favour. As the campaign period approaches its conclusion on tuesday evening, leaders, along with their family members, wives, and daughters, are actively engaging in door-to-door canvassing to connect with voters. This last-minute push is a strategic move to make a direct appeal to the electorate.

The unique aspect of this approach is the involvement of the candidates' family members, particularly wives and daughters, in the election process. Taking advantage of the opportunity provided by the election commission for door-to-door campaigning, candidates or their spouses, funded by the election expenses, are making silent appeals to voters.

Notable leaders who have embraced this strategy include revanth Reddy's wife, Harish Rao's wife, Uttam Kumar Reddy's wife (who is also a candidate herself), and Mallareddy's daughter-in-law. These women are actively participating in canvassing efforts, aiming to make a personal connection with voters in what appears to be a departure from traditional campaign methods.

According to the rules set by the election commission, campaigners have until tuesday evening to utilize tools such as drums, microphones, vehicles, and followers for traditional campaigning. However, post this deadline, candidates or their family members can engage in silent door-to-door canvassing, a method not commonly employed by leaders in the past.

The effectiveness of this strategy lies in the personal touch it brings to the campaign, with leaders' wives focusing on areas deemed favourable for their respective candidates. As the campaign enters this new phase, it remains to be seen how the involvement of leaders' family members will influence and sway voters in the upcoming telangana elections.

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