Former chief minister B.S. said that bjp will win 135 seats if the current assembly elections are held. If the current assembly elections are held, bjp will win 135 seats, former chief minister B.S. Yeddyurappa is dreaming of turning around, mla K.M. uday teased. Talking to reporters at a program in Chikkarasinakere village of the taluk, Yeddyurappa was able to win 113 seats in the elections despite traveling all over the state when he was the bjp state president. He teased that he should not be surprised if the bjp falls below 113 seats in the next election. Now Yeddyurappa should realize the reality and talk about the fact that bjp will win majority and come back to power if elections are held. congress guarantee schemes won the hearts of the people of the state. Yeddyurappa, who could not stand this, criticized him for talking out of his mouth. The Legislative assembly elections are still four and a half years away. Until then, only time will tell whether opposition leader R. ashok and bjp state president will win votes or lie down.

The congress party will come to power with a majority in the states of Chhattisgarh, madhya pradesh and Telangana, where elections are already being held in four states. He predicted that 50% will be obtained in the rajasthan elections. There will be no political transition in the state due to the BJP-JDS alliance. It is inevitable with any party for JDS leaders who are frustrated by repeated defeats. Thus, former cm Kumaraswamy criticized the bjp as hanging by a branch. At this time Bharatinagar Block congress President Shivlinge Gowda, JPM Ex-President Basavaraju, former member Annur Rajeev

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