In chhattisgarh, bharatiya janata party is moving towards majority in the trends. Till the time of writing the

news, bjp is leading on 53 seats and congress on 36 seats. The predictions of most political pundits in

Chhattisgarh seem to be proving wrong. In fact, most of the political pundits in chhattisgarh believed that

Congress was going to make a comeback in the state once again. But in the results so far, the predictions of

political pundits seem to be proving wrong. Let us tell you five reasons due to which congress lagged behind in

the state.

According to experts, there was anti-incumbency against the government of Bhupesh Baghel. Bhupesh Baghel's

plans were good but they were not implemented properly. The matter of Mahadev App was damaged at the last

moment. According to experts, there was a delay in appointing TS Singh Dev as Deputy CM. congress party

woke up late. bjp made generational change in its party. The replacement of big leaders (Raman Singh,

Vasundhara, Shivraj in all three states) opened the way for the new generation. In chhattisgarh, congress was

leading in most of the surveys but it failed.

Here are reasons: Amidst the election atmosphere in chhattisgarh, the political temperature in the state had

increased due to the issue of Mahadev betting app. Actually, this matter of Mahadev betting app has been in the

news continuously for the last few months. bollywood stars first came under the scanner in this matter. Later, CM

Baghel's name also came up in this matter. With the CM's name appearing in the Mahadev betting app case, BJP

also did not miss the opportunity to target Congress. PM Modi also attacked cm Baghel by mentioning Mahadev

betting app during his rallies in Chhattisgarh. The Mahadev betting app issue caused damage to congress at the

last moment of elections. Enforcement Directorate (ED) raids were also going on continuously in Chhattisgarh.

ED conducted continuous raids in the state regarding many cases. Due to the ED raid, a message was sent to the

public that there is an atmosphere of huge corruption in the state. Huge corruption is being done in the state under

the leadership of congress government. Due to this, the image of bhupesh baghel government got tarnished

among the people of the state and congress suffered loss.

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