Reportedly whatsapp numbers have been announced to work with the tamil Nadu government in Michung storm rescue operations.

"WhatsApp" numbers of the tamil Nadu government have been announced for individuals and NGOs to involve themselves in the work of helping the public affected by the "Michung" storm and floods. Cyclone "Michung" has caused unprecedented rainfall in tamil Nadu, resulting in severe flooding in chennai, Thiruvallur, kanchipuram and Chengalpattu districts. The government of tamil Nadu is taking various measures on a war-time basis to rescue the public from these effects and provide them with the relief they need.

Meanwhile the National and State Disaster Response Teams, police Department, fire and Rescue Department and rescue teams are heavily involved in these operations. people are being safely rescued from flooded areas by boats and vehicles and are being provided with necessary assistance.

Furthermore in this case, volunteers and people belonging to various charitable organizations are expressing their desire to involve themselves in these works. A help desk (HELP DESK) has been set up at the State Disaster Control Center in Ezhilaka Campus, chennai to coordinate them and dispatch them to the required locations. chief minister Stalin has requested individuals and voluntary groups/organizations who are willing to involve themselves in the relief work to contact/send information and register on the following officers' whatsapp numbers including their name and details.

Officer and whatsapp numbers details:

1. Sheikh Mansoor, Assistant Commissioner – 9791149789

2. Babu, Assistant Commissioner - 9445461712

3. Subbaraj, Assistant Commissioner - 9895440669

4. General – 7397766651

The tamil Nadu government informed that the individuals/volunteers who register themselves for relief work will be sent to the areas where relief work is needed.

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