Most of the families do not accept inter-caste marriages..but some of them defied the elders and got successful in inter-caste marriages. Sambashiwa Reddy... Both of them had an inter-caste marriage but they are seeing huge success in terms of politics and educational institutions.

Jonnalagadda padmavathy from nellore sc community completed M.Tech in Anantapuram JNTU College.. But at the same time Sambasiva reddy from east Narasapuram in Anantapur district completed B.Tech and M.Tech in the same college. It is said locally that he is married.. Sambasivareddy thought highly in terms of education.. It is in this background that he established a college named SRIT in 2008 in Bukkarayasamudram Mandal Rotary Puram and laid the foundation for the future of many students..

Sambasivar reddy wanted to take steps in politics but at the same time after the death of YS Rajasekhar reddy YS Jaganmohan reddy formed YSRCP party and Sambasivar reddy joined that party.. He wanted to contest from Shinganamala in ysr congress party as part of 2014 elections.. but as sc was reserved there. He put his wife in the competition. Thus, in the 2014 andhra pradesh assembly elections, jonnalagadda padmavathy, who contested from singanamala constituency, was defeated by her closest rival telugu desam party candidate B. yamini Bala by a margin of 4,524 votes.

After the defeat, Padmavathi held a march in the constituency in the name of "Melukolupu" fighting on public issues. Then in the 2019 assembly elections, she again contested from the Shinganamala constituency and won with a majority of 46,242 votes against her nearest rival telugu desam party candidate Bandaru Shravani and entered the assembly for the first time as an MLA. Sambasiva reddy wanted to enter the assembly but he did not get the chance.. So after his wife's victory, he entered the assembly through his wife and fulfilled his long-time wish.. Later Sambasiva reddy also worked as an advisor to the education Department. So Sambasiva reddy entered the assembly after shaping his political future through his wife Jonnalagadda Padmavathi.

Especially in Shinganamala constituency, sc social group and reddy social group got along well with them. And it can be said that these two social groups have made them stand politically.. Thus, inter-caste marriage has worked well for them. While Veeranjaneyu is contesting on behalf of YSRCP in Shinganamala constituency, Bandaru Shravani is going to contest from rival tdp party. Let's see who will come to power this time.

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