World Cup final pitch..!? ICC broke the truth...!?

The international Cricket Council (ICC) has rated the pitching for the final match of the 2023 ODI world cup series as average. There was criticism that the reason for India's defeat in the world cup final against the Australian team was that the ahmedabad pitch where the match took place was poorly prepared. Now the international Cricket Council has rated the pitch as average to confirm it. Similarly, while the semi-final between australia and south africa was held at the Eden Gardens, the ICC said that the pitch was also average.
Even if india hosts the 2023 world cup series, the ICC will submit a report on whether the series is being held according to its rules. Part of that will be an evaluation of the pitches on which the match took place. Out of the 11 matches played by india, 5 matches have been played on average pitches, according to the ICC. This pitch evaluation has been released while the media of other countries have already criticized the bcci is changing the pitches played by the indian team. If it is true that the pitch was prepared for the indian team, then the same thing must have become a disadvantage for the indian team and caused india to lose the final. india batted first in the final against australia and scored only 240 runs. In the first half, the pitch was said to be uncooperative for batting. But, in the second over, australia was said to have cooperated with pitch batting while chasing. While former players have been saying that the pitch was the reason for India's world cup defeat, the ICC report has also confirmed it. Will bcci investigate pitch preparation? Or did the bcci and the indian team management tell them to prepare the pitch like this?

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