It is known that Hi Nanna, who acted as a natural star hero, came before the audience today. This movie is getting positive response. Reviews are also coming saying that nani has once again scored good marks with Nana's sentiments. In this background, some of his comments made as part of the promotion of Hi Nanna movie are going viral. 

For almost two months, nani has attracted people's attention by using all the burning topics for the promotion of his film without leaving any topic. Along with those films, he also promoted his film Hi Nanna by chit chatting with people.  It is known that recently he made positive comments on the movie Animal and made comments on social media. In the background of the animal movie topic, a journalist asked Nani. nani responded to that question.

 They could not imagine me in such a mass role during Dussehra. But after doing it many people appreciated and admired. Also, there is a belief that if any role is played, the audience will definitely support it. nani said that he is ready to do characters with madness beyond the role of the hero if he likes the story. It is doubtful whether the director writers will come forward to do such madness roles with Nani.

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