Roja, a well-known South indian actress known for both her successful cinema career and her political activism, has been hospitalised to Apollo Hospital in chennai for medical attention. The actress was brought to the hospital last night owing to leg edoema. She has had a huge effect on the Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and kannada cinema industries.

Roja, real name Sri Latha Reddy, made her acting debut in the rk Selvamani-directed film Sembaruthi, which starred Prashanth. She has since become incredibly well-known and established herself as a main heroine in several South indian languages. Roja is renowned for her work in politics in addition to her triumphs in the film industry. She is a well-known ysr congress Party member who now represents the andhra pradesh constituency of nagari as an MLA. Her appointment as the minister of Tourism, Culture, and youth Welfare further demonstrates her commitment to public service.

Leg swelling has been cited as the cause of Roja's hospitalization at Apollo Hospital. It is anticipated that the hospital's medical staff would provide her the required treatment and attention to guarantee a quick recovery. Fans and well-wishers of Roja have voiced their worries and are anxiously awaiting any new information on her condition. She has a devoted following as a result of her contributions to the political and entertainment worlds, and they have deluged social media with well-wishes and encouraging words.

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