The third COVID shot almost sent him to hospital..!?

Popular billionaire, tesla CEO Elon Musk has made sensational comments regarding Covid-19 vaccines. He also said that after taking the vaccine to fight COVID-19, he got the original symptoms. The third shot almost sent him to the hospital. To this extent, Musk posted on his X (Twitter) platform. Musk reposted a video shared by Wall Street silver on the effects of COVID-19 vaccines on his X account. In that video.. it is mentioned that the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines is declining. It mentions the waning efficacy of vaccines since their release in late 2021. The video also mentions decisions by some countries to end the use of certain shots in recent years due to safety or efficacy concerns. However, a netizen responded to this. He thinks the effectiveness will change as a result of new species, and vaccine immunity loss. It would be foolish for anyone to ever claim that it is 100 percent effective. No vaccine is 100 percent proof, he said.
In response to this, Elon Musk stated that he was concerned about the outrageous demand that people must take vaccinations and multiple boosters to do anything. He said it was confusing. Until the supreme court invalidated President Joe Biden's executive order, SpaceX said many other companies would have been forced to fire people who refused to be vaccinated. He said it would be better to go to jail than comply with the policies of private companies forcing vaccine policies on staff. He got actual COVID-19 (mild cold symptoms) before the vaccine was over. Three vaccine doses were required for travel. The third shot almost sent him to the hospital. How many other people have symptoms other than COVID... from a vaccine or COVID treatment?" asked Musk.

As for those who have not taken any vaccine, Musk said that Novak Djokovic just won a record number of Grand Slams. It's not like he don't believe in vaccines. He have taken them. However.. the cure should not be worse than the disease. Public debate on the efficacy of vaccines should not be closed. "There is also great potential to cure many diseases using synthetic mRNA," Elon Musk said in the post. It is known that Musk has made similar comments on Covid vaccines in the past.

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