Billionaire Elon Musk, who is now visiting israel, was given a symbolic dog tag with the words "our hearts are hostage in Gaza" etched on it by the father of a hostage on monday (local time). Musk responded by saying he'd wear the dog tag "every day until your loved ones are released."

Fighting between Israeli soldiers and Hamas has ceased following a four-day truce agreement. Under the terms of the deal, Hamas released 69 captives while israel released around 150 Palestinian inmates. The truce has been extended for another two days, and both sides are expecting to swap captives. Rachel, an Israeli mother, showed Musk a video on her phone of her son, Hersh, being snatched by Hamas despite being gravely injured during a meeting with Israeli President Isaaz Herzog, Musk, and families of captives.

The white house also charged Musk with "abhorrent promotion" of racism after he embraced a conspiracy theory that claimed Jews were inciting hatred and undermining White majorities. "Unfortunately, we are inundated with antisemitism, or anti-Jewish sentiment." You have a significant role to play. And I believe we must fight it jointly because, sadly, there is a lot of antisemitism on the platforms you run," the Israeli President was reported as saying by AFP.

The meeting took place. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu took Musk on a tour to the Kfar Aza kibbutz near the Gaza border, where Hamas militants launched their october 7 attack. Musk was joined by military officers. Earlier on monday, israel said that it had negotiated a deal with Musk under which SpaceX will only deliver Starlink satellite internet services in Gaza with its consent. Musk had previously supported the notion of Starlink for the war-torn Palestinian region.

Shlomo Karhi, Israel's Communications Minister, stated on X that Starlink satellite units will only operate in israel and the Gaza Strip with the agreement of his ministry.

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