After analyzing several exit polls that were overwhelmingly in favor of the congress Party, telangana congress leader revanth reddy held a confident press conference today. Speaking to the media after the exit polls were released, revanth stated, "Congress does not need to wait until 3 december to celebrate our victory." It's a done deal. There are no two ways about it: we are building the government."

"The only reason kcr did not appear in front of the media is that he realized telangana people had slapped him out of power," revanth remarked. He and his family have been abusing telangana residents for the past ten years, and they see telangana residents as slaves. That is about to change." The congress troops have been energized by Revanth's excitement during the media gathering, and they have already begun to celebrate the reinforcements from the exit polls. The crucial counting will take place on december 3rd, which is less than 72 hours away.

KCR ran in two seats for the first time in his career, let alone after becoming chief minister: Gajwel and Kamareddy. There is a lot of excitement in both constituencies right now. According to the most recent exit polls from veteran pollster Aara Masthan, kcr will have challenges in both seats.

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