LPG Gas cylinder price increase..!? customers are shocked..!

The new price of commercial cylinders has come into force from 1st December. A 19 kg cylinder will cost Rs 1796.50 in delhi from today. Gas cylinder prices for commercial use have increased dramatically today. The price of a gas cylinder for commercial use in chennai has gone up to Rs.1968.50. Petrol, diesel, and cooking gas cylinder prices are fixed from time to time based on the prevailing crude oil price in the international market and the value of the indian rupee against the dollar. Accordingly, the prices of domestic-use and commercial-use gas cylinders are revised on the first day of every month.
In this case, the LPG Cylinder Price for commercial use in chennai has increased. Accordingly, the price of a cylinder for commercial use increased by Rs.26.50 to Rs.1968.50, which was sold at 1,942 last month. So this hike is effective from midnight today. Due to this, shopkeepers are currently facing difficulties. At the same time, no change has been made in the price of cylinders for domestic use (14 KG Cylinder Price). A domestic cylinder is sold at Rs.918.50. The price of a commercially used cylinder, which had been falling continuously since last July, rose again in October, but last november, the price of a commercially used cylinder was Rs. 57 to sell at Rs 1,942.

Commercial Cylinder Price Status in Metros:
The price of Commercial LPG Cylinders in the capital delhi has increased to Rs.1796.50. Their price in november was Rs.1775.50.

The price of a commercial cylinder in kolkata is Rs.1,908. Last month their price was Rs 1,885.50.

In Mumbai, the commercial cylinder price has increased to Rs 1,749 from Rs 1,728 last month.

In chennai, the price of a commercial cylinder was Rs 1,968.50, compared to Rs 1,942 in August.
Fees hiked in electoral states too:
Meanwhile, the price of a cylinder in Rajasthan's jaipur has gone up by Rs 1819. Similarly, in Bhopal, Rs.1804.5 will have to be paid from today. In Hyderabad, Telangana, the price of a 19 kg gas cylinder has increased to Rs.2024.5. In Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, it costs Rs.2004. Only the price of commercial cylinders has increased. It is to be noted that there is no change in domestic LPG cylinder prices.

What is the effect of a price change?
Commercial LPG cylinder price hikes will affect restaurants, hotels, and other commercial consumers. In such a scenario, this hike will not directly affect the domestic LPG price. On the other hand, a continuous reduction in jet fuel prices may reduce airfares. In such a situation, air travel on domestic routes will be cheaper.

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