According to the india Today-Axis My india exit poll, the congress is poised to achieve a stunning victory in telangana, barring K Chandrashekhar Rao's Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) from achieving a record third term. The party is expected to gain 63-73 seats, while the ruling BRS is expected to win 34-44 seats in the 119 assembly where voting took place.

In an election when anti-incumbency has been a talking point, with kcr in power for ten years, the congress is expected to win 42% of the vote, while the BRS is expected to receive 36% of the vote. "My number is 80 or higher." "It's going to grow," telangana congress head revanth reddy told india Today after the Axis My india exit poll revealed the party had won convincingly.

According to the expected vote percentage, the bjp will receive just 14% of the votes cast. According to the exit poll, the bjp will receive 4-8 seats, while other independent candidates will receive 5-8 seats with an 8% vote share. The telangana assembly election Exit Poll Results were released a day after the state went to the polls on november 30, with a voter participation of 70.60% in elections to the 119-member telangana Legislative Assembly.

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