Telangana Elections: Thousand Crore Betting; This is weird!!

The election results will be out in a few hours. This will continue to worry all the candidates. There is no leader in telangana who can confidently express that we will definitely win. Many people are of the opinion that the results of the elections this time are beyond the expectations of the candidates.

After the exit polls reports come, there will be a vigorous discussion on the possibilities of government formation with the explanations of the exit polls. Meanwhile, bets of one thousand crores of rupees continue on the elections held in Telangana. There is a strange thing about these bets too. Betting will continue in the neighbouring state of andhra pradesh than in telangana where the election took place.

The frenzy of the betting royals that started before the polls continues with the exit polls predictions. This time, apart from some important constituencies, the main debate is whether BRS or congress will win this election. It is reported that the amount of betting for the telangana elections in ap is about one thousand crores of rupees.

It is reported that betting is going on in ap in the context that the results of this election are likely to affect the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is known that these bets in bhimavaram have crossed 300 crore rupees. And in cities like Vijayawada, betting has also increased. 

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