Sources told india Herald on sunday that congress leader and karnataka Deputy chief minister DK Shivakumar, along with 10 ministers, are in Hyderabad, telangana, to safeguard the party's candidates. The congress high leadership has charged him with keeping the grand old party's leaders together and on the same page as exit polls indicate a clean victory for the party in Telangana.

Congress intends to place a worker with each mla candidate in order to earn their support. Man-to-man protection is likely for candidates throughout the day as telangana assembly polls are counted. The counting began today at 8 a.m. Buses for the congress delegation were sighted outside the Taj krishna hotel in Hyderabad, according to reports.

Shivakumar, known as the 'problem-solver,' allegedly stated on saturday that he had complete trust in his MLAs and the Congress' win in telangana, adding that poaching the grand old party's MLAs is impossible.

He tried to dispute claims that he was ordered by his party to invite all victorious candidates from the five states that just voted to resorts and hotels in karnataka ahead of the results' announcement, according to PTI. He reacted to accusations that he was ordered to mimic the preparations made for 44 gujarat MPs before the august 2017 elections to prevent "poaching."

"There is no need for them (MLAs) to go anywhere," Shivakumar was cited by PTI as adding. According to the PTI article, he stated that some individuals were attempting to contact the victorious congress candidates in telangana, but the grand old party will handle it locally.

According to india Today-Axis My india exit poll forecasts, the congress would win telangana with 42% of the vote and 68 seats. Meanwhile, the ruling Bhartiya Rashtra Samithi (BRS) is predicted to win 39 seats and receive 36% of the vote.

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