On sunday, Pope Francis said it was "painful" to see the truce between israel and Hamas breached, and he hoped that the parties concerned could establish a new ceasefire "as soon as possible." On Friday, a seven-day cease-fire between Israeli soldiers and Hamas terrorists that had facilitated the exchange of Israeli captives and Palestinian inmates ended. israel increased its bombing attack on Sunday.

According to Palestinian sources, more than 15,400 Palestinians have been murdered in the battle that erupted following a Hamas onslaught on southern israel on Oct. 7 in which 1,200 Israelis were killed and more than 200 taken captive.

"It hurts that the ceasefire has been shattered. "This means death, destruction, and misery," Francis stated during his sunday Angelus address and prayers, his remarks read out by an assistant due to the pope's weak health.

"Many hostages have been released, but many remain in Gaza." We think about them, of their families, who had glimpsed a light, a possibility of reuniting with their loved ones."

"In Gaza, there is a lot of suffering, there is a lack of necessities," he remarked. "I hope that all those involved can reach a new agreement for a ceasefire as soon as possible," he said, stressing that there are "solutions other than weapons".

The pope is reducing his public speeches and appearances while he recovers from a lung irritation that prompted him to abandon a trip to dubai this weekend for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28).

"Good morning, brothers and sisters. I won't be able to read everything today, either. "I'm improving, but my voice is still (bad)," Francis declared at the commencement of the Angelus.

Screens were installed in St. Peter's area so that the devout, who usually listen to the pope speak from a window overlooking the area, could follow his discourse.

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