Trisha was chastised on social media after giving Animal a glowing rating. The ponniyin selvan actress, who was recently in the headlines for criticizing Mansoor ali Khan for his rape remark, applauded Animal on her instagram Stories on sunday night. The Leo actress branded the film "cult" while sharing a poster of ranbir kapoor from it. "In a single word-cult!" Pppppppaaaaaahhhhhhh (face with peaking eye, face exhaling and clapping hands emojis)," she added. The tweet did not go over well with many people on social media, and trisha quickly came under fire.

Although she quickly erased the tweet, screenshots of it were circulated on X (formerly known as Twitter) and Reddit. Many people chastised her for endorsing a video that "glorifies toxic men." "Isn't trisha taking a stand against her Leo co-star when he was talking sh*t about her and even discussing having a rape scene with her, but this film is misogyny and treats women like shit?" "How can she support this movie after her recent controversy?" a social media user said.

“Isn’t she the one who called out Mansoor ali Khan in Leo for remarks about her, which is an insult to any woman? Whoa, such hypocrisy,” added another.

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