It is known that Lady Superstar Nayanthara married her boyfriend Vignesh Sivan exactly a year ago. Nayan Vignesh got married on 9th June. Today is their first wedding anniversary. On this occasion, both of them shared very emotional posts through social media.

The love story of Nayanthara and Vignesh Sivan is well known. They were in love for four or five years. It is known that these two who fell in love and got married gave birth to twin children through surrogacy. Their photos have not been revealed yet. Recently, on the occasion of their anniversary, Nayanthara couple shared photos of their children. 

On Instagram, Nayan shared a heartwarming photo of her two children. Those photos are attracting everyone's attention. Some are of the opinion that this is a good time for Nayan to show his children for the first time. The couple, who gave birth to twins via surrogacy on october 9, are celebrating their first wedding anniversary and are sending their best wishes in a big way. 

We wish nayantara and Vignesh Sivan a very happy future. Currently the photos and videos shared by Nayan and Vignesh Sivan on social media are going viral. Apart from that, the shared posts showing their love for each other also went viral.

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