Superstar Rajinikanth never misses a chance to express his gratitude to his wife Latha for raising him and transforming him for the better. He recently attended the 50th day celebrations of the play Charukesi by Y Gee mahendran as the principal guest. At the occasion, Rajinikanth gave a speech in which he praised Y Gee mahendran for introducing him to Latha, who, in his words, "changed his life." When he was a conductor and even after he transitioned to acting, he claimed that he was dependent on booze, meat, and cigarettes. But Latha was the one who transformed him.

On numerous occasions, Rajinikanth talked openly about the significance of his wife Latha in his life. Additionally, he has never been afraid to discuss his drinking and smoking addictions. Rajinikanth was requested to attend the 50th day festivities of the tamil play Charukesi on january 26 as the chief guest. Thalaivar spoke at the occasion and stated, "I will always be grateful to Y Gee mahendran for introducing me to my wife, Latha.

I used to drink every day while I worked as a conductor, and I didn't keep track of how many cigarettes I smoked each day. I would eat a non-vegetarian breakfast and at least two non-vegetarian meals throughout the day. Seeing so many vegans makes me feel horrible. But the combination of these three is lethal."

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