Shirley Setia, the heroine of naga Shaurya's previous film 'Krishna Vrinda Vihari,' dazzles in an amazing embroidered green co-ord traditional costume, decorated with matching earrings that enhance the whole appearance. Her confidence shines through as she takes a stance in front of the mirror, emphasizing the appeal of her costume. The carefully tailored dress not only enhances her contours in a subtle and sensuous manner but also adds an added degree of elegance to her alluring demeanor.
Shirley Setia, a YouTube phenomenon and vocalist, is enthusiastic for her next line up of projects in the South indian cinema industry after playing a charming, telugu conservative girl Vrinda Mishra in her previous telugu outing 'Krishna Vrinda Vihari' opposite naga Shaurya. "Working in the tollywood industry, which is currently making waves in indian cinema, was a fantastic experience."
Despite the fact that I only worked in one telugu film, the affection I've received from telugu viewers has been incredible. The remarks I keep getting on instagram demonstrate how much people liked my role as a typical telugu girl. I still have a few unattended scripts. "I'm sure I'll be in front of audiences soon with a feel-good film," she says.

When she travels on vacation, the New Zealand-based singing sensation takes the opportunity to create some magic on her instagram account. Her fans are greeted with a new batch of photos including stunning locations and breathtaking nature.

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