Q: Congratulations on your transition from telugu to bollywood film. How has the change been, particularly working with stars such as ranbir kapoor in films such as 'Animal'?

Sandeep: Thank you really lot. The transition to bollywood has been an adventure. Working on 'Animal' alongside ranbir kapoor has been a learning experience. He's a tremendous star, but he's also really down to earth.

Q: Your debut film, 'Arjun Reddy,' was a love story. 'Animal' appears to be a love tale between a father and his son. Can you provide any insights regarding this emotive story?

Sandeep: 'Animal' is, in fact, a love tale between a father and his son. It's a touching family story that explores the emotions associated with going to great lengths for family.

Q: arjun reddy and Ranbir Kapoor's characters in 'Animal' both exhibit deep emotions. Are there any parallels, and how do you strike a balance between passion and intensity in character design?

Sandeep: While there are parallels, the plots and characters of 'Animal' are completely different. Emotional intensity is driven by authenticity, and individuals who naturally portray deep emotions bring characters to life on screen.

Q: The trailer suggests that the film will have a powerful emotional impact. Is the film more about emotion or violence, or is there a nice balance?

Sandeep: 'Animal' finds a natural balance between emotion and brutality, offering an intense experience throughout the film.

Q: There was a viral scene in one of your films concerning violence. Can you elaborate on your amusing response?

Sandeep (laughing): Critics have detected a spike in brutality in the hindi adaptation of 'Arjun Reddy.' I joked that I'd define violence in my next film, and it quickly went viral.

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