Not just the substance, but many other things will influence whether a film is a hit or a flop. This year had a few successful films as well as a slew of flops. Let us now look at the success rate of Mega heroes with this year's releases at the conclusion of the year. chiranjeevi began the year with the blockbuster Waltair Veerayya, a mass action picture that incorporated Chiru's vintage vibes into a commercial formula. Despite a few formulaic features, the film went on to become a huge success.

Virupaksha was the follow-up to Waltair Veerayya's popularity, and this horror thriller was likewise an unexpected smash. Virupaksha proved to be a proper comeback for Sai Dharam Tej, and the film received excellent reviews from all quarters. Sai Dharam had another success with BRO, with the pawan kalyan factor playing a major role.

Mega Heroes had a successful year in 2023, but their films released in the second half were a huge letdown. Bholaa Shankar's name screams doom. Bholaa shankar is a 90s movie that has been pounded to a pulp several times, from the trailer to the release. Obviously, it did not captivate the crowd and was heavily mocked.

Varun Tej's Gandheevadhaari arjuna was a tremendous disaster when it was released in August. Despite being marketed as a polished action thriller, the plot and narrative fell short of expectations. Finally, Uppena fame Vaishnav Tej's Aadikesava was published after several delays, and it was panned by reviewers and public alike for its subpar material and over-the-top sequences.

Overall, Mega Heroes had a fantastic first half of 2023, but the second half ended with a string of calamities.

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