Renowned lyricists frequently act as literary torchbearers, constructing elaborate phrases and drawing inspiration from epics and sanskrit terminology. An award-winning lyricist, Ananth sriram, has long been respected for his contribution to this art form. Recent developments, however, have seen him face criticism for a change in his stance.

He chose a more comic tone for the trailer premiere of Navdeep's love Mouli, which sriram -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ananth sriram hosted. While his punch lines, comedic timing, and funny insights were well-received, others contend that they tarnished his literary reputation. According to critics, considering his literary prowess, engaging in humour may not be the best way to showcase his skills.

Ananth sriram responded to the criticism by stating that he is looking for virality. He expressed concern that, despite the fact that people are humming his songs, they may be unaware of the genius behind the words. In a day where many people, even young heroes and performers, resort to dubious activities to get attention, there is concern that Ananth Sriram's acclaimed image may be jeopardised by these humorous deeds.

It remains to be seen whether he can find a balance between getting viral and keeping his literary reputation intact. Otherwise, these humorous endeavours risk overshadowing the beauty of his lyrical mastery, leaving nothing but concerns about the genuine substance of his work and the enchantment he generates for singers and composers through wordplay.

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