Prabhas did not get proper success at the box office after Baahubali. However, he is easily collecting hundreds of crores at the box office with the flop talk. Regardless of the talk, Prabhas' films are receiving unexpected collections in the first weekend. Even if there is any positive talk, it can be said that the rush will continue for two weeks. The fans are very confident that the movie Salaar will definitely show such an impact. 

This time director Prashant Neel is expected to show prabhas without any disappointment. The recently released trailer has also increased expectations. But at the time of the release of this film, even big films are not thinking at all to compete. Shah Rukh Khan's Dunki movie is coming on december 21. That next salar will come. Surely Shah Rukh's film is also likely to show some impact. But if the movie Salaar gets positive talk, then the movie Dunky is bound to turn around. 

None of the media range heroes come close to such a fight. But it seems that Nandamuri hero kalyan Ram is likely to compete with his next film a week after Salaar. Nandamuri kalyan Ram's film Devil in abhishek Pictures. The film unit is very confident that this movie, which is going to be a spy action film, will surely impress. However, this movie was originally planned to be released in the second week of december, but for some reason the date was changed due to the delay of some works. 

Now they want to release it on 29th December. That means they are planning to take down the devil the very next week when Salaar comes. In a way it is risky. Even if the movie Salaar gets at least average talk, the effect will be strong for two weeks. If there is a difference talk, then there is a chance for the devil to come together. And it remains to be seen whether the devil will really be in the competition at such a risk.

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