Nandamuri talented hero Kalyan ram has got a unique recognition for himself as a good actor with different stories. The tag line of his upcoming movie Devil the british Secret Agent has been fixed. So far every small update related to Devil has created a good buzz. The unit of the film is confident that this film will be a success at the box office. 

It is known that some confusion is being created about the release date of Devil for many days. Originally, the film was planned to be released in the first or second week of December. But due to delay in some post-production work, the film had to be postponed and now they have given clarity on the new release date of the film. The movie Devil is coming next week after the release of Salaar.

 It means that it has been officially clarified that it is going to make noise at the box office on 29th December.  It is known that the movie Salaar is going to release on december 22. Even with the gap week, it's a big challenge for the Devils in a way. If the film gets positive talk, then the buzz at the box office will be visible for more than two weeks. If there is negative talk, there is a chance for the devil to come together. 

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