Reportedly the world watched with bated breath as india tried to go where no one had ever gone before the south pole of the moon. Meanwhile india's ambitious second lunar mission Chandrayaan 2 was expected to make its soft landing on the surface on the moon late on Friday night. Furthermore enthusiasm turned into a sense of distress at Indian Space Research Organization's (ISRO) Mission Operations Complex in Bengaluru as Chandrayaan 2's lander 'Vikram' lost communication with the ground stations on Saturday just ahead of the soft landing.

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Meanwhile ISRO chief K Sivan said till 2.1 km above the surface of the Moon, the mission was doing fine but before vikram could land, ISRO lost contact with it. Further while it at first glance it may seem like the mission has failed that is far from true. An ISRO official said "Only 5% of the mission has been lost Vikram, the lander, and Pragyan, the rover and the remaining 95%, that is the Chandrayaan 2 orbiter, is orbiting the moon successfully".

Moreover writer and managing editor of Nasa Spaceflight Chris G agreed. He said that "The orbiter is where 95% of the experiments are". Chris G said "If vikram failed to land which it looks like remember the orbiter is where 95 per cent of the experiments are. The orbiter is safely in lunar orbit and performing its mission. This is not a total failure, not at all". Apparently Chandrayaan-2 orbiter, going around the Moon, is capable of communicating with Indian Deep Space Network (IDSN) and the mission life of the Orbiter is one year. Perhaps with a mission life of one year, the Orbiter can take several pictures of the moon and send it to the ISRO and the Orbiter can also take pictures of the lander to know its status.

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