The assertion by a rajasthan minister that the roads are as smooth as katrina Kaif's cheeks have sparked debate. minister Rajendra Gudha visited his seat for the first time since joining ashok Kejriwal's cabinet as a cabinet minister in Rajasthan's most recent expansion. people then complained to him about the poor state of the roads in the constituency. 

The minister compared the roads in his constituency to the cheeks of a popular bollywood actress while speaking on stage to address the issue. people in the audience cheered and laughed as if the minister's contentious remark was a joke. The minister then explained why I had spoken in this manner to the authorities. According to sources, actress and bjp mp hema malini has aged and has replaced katrina Kaif's cheeks as a road standard. 

This has sparked even more debate. Politicians have a history of making sexually charged and divisive remarks. Lalu prasad Yadav made a similar statement about hema malini many years ago, which was reiterated by rajaram Pandey, a minister in the akhilesh yadav cabinet in Uttar Pradesh. Then, in 2019, when congress politician PC Sharma declared, "The congress administration will no longer smooth the highways in madhya pradesh like Hemalini's cheeks," outrage ensued. "The temporary condition of those roads was like the cheeks of bjp leader Kailash Vijayavarkia," Sharma continued.

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