For over a year, NTV replaced tv9 as the top channel. When tv9 occupied the top slot for a few weeks, there was some relief. The network launched a significant outdoor advertising campaign accusing NTV of conspiring to keep the top spot. They have placed signs reading "No. 1 ≠ Kutra" all throughout ap and Telangana. Happiness is fleeting, though. In less than two weeks, NTV has returned to the top spot. NTV is securely in that position after recovering it for two weeks.

It's interesting to notice that despite having lost their ranking, TV9's "No.1 ≠ Kutra" hoardings are still in place. ap and telangana ratings for Weeks 22–23 in the 15+ Years category were made public by BARC in the meantime. NTV is still in first place, retaining a massive 18.4 GRP advantage over TV9. It's interesting to observe that NTV increased its ratings from the prior week by 8 GRPs while tv9 decreased by 9 GRPs.

While Andhrajyothy is in fifth place, TV5 is in third. sakshi has been stuck in the seventh spot for several months. The fourth and sixth-placed telangana News Channels are v6 News and T News. It's noteworthy to note that kcr personally owns T News, whereas v6 is the BJP's official mouthpiece.

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