The Group-1 preliminary examination was not postponed by the telangana high court on Friday. The prelims test is set to take place on june 11 (Sunday), and the Division Bench rejected the plea asking for its delay. The single-judge court's decision was upheld by the division bench, which was made up of Justices Abhinand Kumar Shavili and Namavarapu Rajeshwar Rao and was not inclined to impose a stay. A writ appeal submitted by Group-1 candidate Murlidhar reddy was being heard by the court.

The telangana State Public service Commission (TSPSC) was nevertheless informed by the court that the results of Group-1 tests will depend on how the writ petitions now before the court were resolved. The court took into account the fact that more than three lakh candidates are showing up for the exam and that any delays would be extremely detrimental to the candidates.

The State was represented by Harender Pershad, Special GP affiliated to the office of Advocate General, who also presented arguments on behalf of the TSPSC. The petitioner's attorney, Sudheer, contended that the Special inquiry Team (SIT) inquiry into the TSPSC paper leak case had not yet been concluded and that the court should interfere with the prior ruling.

The petitioner said that the TSPSC's legitimacy was now in question because the TSPSC workers had been detained for their suspected involvement in the paper leak and the same TSPSC was rapidly holding new Group-1 preliminary tests. As a result, the exam should be postponed and held by a different organisation, such as the UPSC, according to Sudheer.

While rejecting the writ appeal, the Division Bench stated that postponing the tests was not the answer. It brought to mind the 2008 DSC disparities issue, which was appealed to the supreme court before being sent back to the high court, wasting the candidates' valuable time for 15 years. The four applicants who were disqualified from the previous prelims owing to jumbling were permitted to retake the tests by the High Court.

The petitions submitted by candidates N Suresh, D Ramesh Kumar, Shamim, and Y Sai Sushmita were considered by the High Court. The previous preliminary exams had been annulled and were being retaken, according to the ruling, therefore permission to write the exam was granted.

The petitions to transfer the TSPSC question paper leaks case to the cbi were considered in the interim by a single judge. The investigative report was to be submitted by the SIT. A charge sheet has been submitted against the accused, according to advocate general BS Prasad, who is defending the TSPSC. He said that the SIT was doing a comprehensive inquiry and that the cbi investigation was not necessary. The high court ordered the SIT to provide the investigation-level report within three weeks following the arguments.

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