Prime minister Modi will visit his home constituency varanasi in Uttar Pradesh the day after tomorrow. prime minister Modi will visit varanasi in Uttar Pradesh on 23rd. The prime minister will lay the foundation stone for the international cricket stadium there at 1.30 pm. At 3:15 pm, PM Modi will visit the Rudraksh Center for international Cooperation and Conference to participate in the Kashi Sangh Cultural Festival. He will also inaugurate 16 Atal and Boarding Schools built across Uttar Pradesh in this event.

The international Cricket Stadium in varanasi will have modern world-class sporting infrastructure. The modern international cricket stadium to be built in varanasi, Rajathalap, Kanjari, will be built on an area of more than 30 acres at a cost of around 450 crore rupees. This stadium can seat 30,000 spectators.

With a view to further increase access to quality education, 16 Atal Undu Vidyalaya schools built across Uttar Pradesh at a cost of around Rs.1,115 crore have been launched exclusively for labourers, children of construction workers, children who have lost their parents due to the corona pandemic. Each school, spread over an area of 10 - 15 acres, is built with classrooms, playground, recreation areas, small auditorium, hostel complex, canteen and staff quarters. It has been decided to admit 1000 students each in these boarding schools.

In order to strengthen the cultural vibrancy of Khasi, the Khasi Sangh Cultural festival will see more than 37 thousand people participating in 17 categories and showcasing their talents in singing, instrumental music, street drama, dance etc. Talented participants will get an opportunity to showcase their cultural skills at the event held at the Rudraksh international Cooperation and Conference Centre.

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