A protest was held in the city by the Social Democratic party of India, accusing chief minister Siddaramaiah of favoring liquor by allowing the government to open new liquor shops. At the city's Bhubaneswari circle, under the leadership of party district president Abrar Ahmed, they held a placard and shouted slogans of defiance against chief minister Siddaramaiah and the congress government. Abrar ahmed said that it is condemnable that the state congress has decided to open additional drug stores at the village panchayat level. He said that the Siddaramaiah government, which is encouraging such alcohol consumption, has no morals to celebrate gandhi Jayanti. Infighting has intensified in the congress and discontent among MLAs has increased. The way the Sun's path changes during Sankranti, the political path will change and there is doubt about the existence of the congress government after Sankranti.


Speaking to reporters in Channapatnam of Ramanagara district, he said that if the current political development and the actions of congress leaders are observed, political change is expected after the end of 2023. It seems that in the next two months there will be internal unrest in the congress and the government will fall. He predicted that we are not conducting any operation to topple the congress government. mla from Dummia: Everyone thought that when the congress government came to power, it was a clean government. But MLAs are dummies in congress government. They are unable to perform the duties of MLAs. Disgruntled congress legislators are thinking otherwise. He said that it would not be surprising if he defected or resigned from his mla seat in this context.

25 to 30 MLAs had already written a letter expressing their displeasure against the government. After that, Basavarajarayareddy openly expressed his anger against the government. Now Shamanur Shivshankarappa has openly expressed his displeasure that Lingayats are being treated unfairly. Basavaraja has made a direct accusation against the sivaganga government. Rajanna has expressed doubts whether this government will exist after the lok sabha elections or not. He said that congress MLAs have lost confidence in the government.

They say that they will give 2 thousand rupees to women through Grilahakshmi. On the other hand, they are planning to open 1000 more liquor shops, he said, to fulfill Gandhi's dream by banning alcohol completely in Karnataka. City Council Member Khalil Ullah, SDPI Vice President CS Syed Areep, district Treasurer Nayaz Ullah, district Committee Member Nasrullah, Leaders Bangaraswamy, Ramasamudra Suresh, Nizhdwanigovindaraj were present.

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